Activities in Aqueous Dicarboxylic Acid Solutions at 298.15 K

Water activities, and osmotic and activity coefficients of pure aqueous solutions of the acids, can be calculated here. The properties of supersaturated solutions are also represented.

Two models are provided: the first treats the acids as non-dissociating components, and reproduces the results of Clegg and Seinfeld (2006a). The second model includes both dissociation equilibria of each acid and yields more accurate results for dilute solutions.

Osmotic and activity coefficients on both a molality and mole fraction basis are presented, and the relationships between the various quantities are given on the output page. The models are based upon these tabulated data, and are described in the reference below.

Reference: S. L. Clegg and J. H. Seinfeld (2006a) Thermodynamic models of aqueous solutions containing inorganic electrolytes and dicarboxylic acids at 298.15 K. I. The acids as non-dissociating components. J. Phys. Chem. A, 110, 5692-5717.

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