The System  H+ - NH4+ - Na+ - K+ - Ca2+ - Mg2+ - SO42− - NO3 - Cl - CO32− - OH - H2O,  at 298.15 K

Aqueous Solution Calculation

The model determines the equilibrium state of a system containing liquid water, ions, and ammonia. Solids are not allowed to form, and no partitioning of water or trace gases into the vapour phase can occur. Specify the problem in the input fields below.

Solution Temperature

The temperature is fixed at 298.15 K.

Solution Composition in Moles per kg of Water

H+:      NH4+:     Na+:   K+:
    Ca2+:     Mg2+: SO42:      NO3:
    Cl: CO32:      OH:   NH3:
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Solid Phases

The model calculates the degree to which the solution is saturated with respect to each solid that can form, but does not determine the amounts of solids that would be present at equilibrium.

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