Extended Aerosol Inorganics Model Videos

The videos demonstrate the basic capabilities of the model, and how to use it. They include:

The videos are organised into six sections, below. Click on a numbered link to open a viewer in another browser tab and watch the video. (Checking the "show details" box after any title will display instructions to enable you to reproduce the content of the video.)

I.  Introduction

This video shows the home page, and the links to basic information about the model including how to get started, and frequently asked questions.

II.  Different Types of Calculation (Normal Output)

These demonstrations introduce the different types of calculation that the model can do, and need not be viewed in order.

III.  Column and Graphical Output of Results, Using Deliquescence as an Example

These demonstrations show how to calculate the properties of chemical systems over a range of relative humidities, and display the results in different ways.

IV.  Selecting and Creating Organic Compounds

These videos show how to: (i) select an organic compound to include in a calculation; (ii) view and change its thermodynamic properties, and (iii) create new organic compounds and define their properties. These demonstrations should be viewed in the order they are listed.

V.  Calculations That Include Organic Compounds

Here we show example calculations for chemical systems that include an organic acid, an amine, and the new organic compound created in the last video in section IV. Unless you are familiar with E-AIM the demonstrations here should be viewed after those above.

VI.  Website Help

This is a survey of the "help" pages on the website. They include the Quick Start guide, and the page that contains explanations and notes on the thermodynamic properties of organic compounds in the model (and also lists the UNIFAC parameter set).