Model I:  H+ - SO42− - NO3 - Cl - Br - H2O

Aqueous Solution and Liquid Mixture Calculation

Here, the model determines the equilibrium state of a system containing liquid water, ions and/or organic compounds. Solids, and a second hydrophobic organic phase, can form but no partitioning of water or trace gases into the vapour phase is allowed to occur. Specify the problem in the input fields below.

Solution Temperature

Temperature (180 - 330 K):

Solution Composition in Moles per kg of Water

H+:     SO42:
NO3:     Cl:     Br:

Other Chemical Components

The amounts of organic compounds present can be entered here. First, click the button to select compounds from the library or create new ones for this session.

Solid Phases

Check the boxes below to prevent the formation of selected solids, as many as desired. This enables the properties of metastable, supersaturated, aqueous aerosols to be investigated. (The default for each calculation is that all solids can form.)

Omit the following solids:

Ice H2SO4 · H2O H2SO4 · 2H2O
H2SO4 · 3H2O H2SO4 · 4H2O H2SO4 · 6.5H2O
HNO3 · H2O HNO3 · 2H2O HNO3 · 3H2O
HCl · 3H2O

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