Model III:  H+ - NH4+ - Na+ - SO42− - NO3 - Cl - H2O, at 298.15 K

Batch Calculations

All the basic types of problem ("simple", "comprehensive", and "aqueous solution") can be run from here. Details of how they should be specified are described on the input page. The results of the calculations can be written to the screen in normal verbose form or as columns. See the output page for an explanation of the column headers and other information. Alternatively, the results can be displayed as graphs.

First, choose the form of output required:

Normal       Column       Graph

Other Chemical Components

The organic compounds that will be present in the chemical system can be entered here. Click the button to select compounds from the library or create new ones for this session.

Enter the details of up to 100 problems, one per line, in the box below. The data shown are those in the example on the page describing the input. To run this problem, press the "Manage Compounds" button above, and select the solutes "Glutaric acid (fitted activity equation)" and "Maleic acid (UNIFAC)" from the list of compounds. Then return to this page, and click "Run".

To submit your calculation, click here: